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Mission & Vision Statement


Salem United Church of Christ

 Mission Statement

 "Our Mission is to be a covenant people responding to Christ's call to make, nurture, and empower disciples. "
Vision Statement

   I. In response to God's call, we will be a Church
that is attentive to the Word of God by:

     A. Keeping our hearts committed to Jesus Christ, we will welcome all people into fellowship.
B. Having a passion for God burning brightly, we will do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with our God.
C. Putting our faith into action, we will be 
    supportive of one another.
D. Being guided by the Holy Spirit, we will
     nurture and celebrate all of our sisters and
    II. Responding to Christ's call, our Church will provide meaningful worship experiences by:
A. Proclaiming the liberating power of God in Jesus Christ, our Church will provide comfort and counsel.
B. Having a passion for God, we will be a beacon
     for Christ's love.
III. Through the gift of the Holy Spirit our Church will be
     empowered to raise up
disciples for Jesus Christ by:
A.     Being witness of the Christian faith.
B.     Providing fellowship.
C.     Remaining sensitive to others.
D.     Encouraging justice and peace.
E.      Enriching our eternal covenant with God.