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Monthly Worship Scriptures


Worship Services & Scripture Readings 

November 2017

November 5, 2017                                   Holy Communion                                       All Saints Sunday

Scripture: Revelation 7.2-4, 9-14; Matthew 5.1-12a

Sermon Title: “I Open the Paper and Read the Obits”

Sermon Theme: This Sunday is when we remember the Salem Members who have died in the previous 12 months.  This worship service is when we remember the women and men through whom God has blessed us. Because of faith assures us that they now dwell secure around Christ’s throne in glory, this is a day when we have yet one more reason to offer the Lord prayers of thanksgiving and praise.


November 12, 2017     Stewardship Sunday           23rd Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 4.13-18; Matthew 25.1-13

Sermon Title: “Getting Ready for a Wedding”

Sermon Theme: This parable depicts Christ’s Second Coming in a delightful way.  Unlike other descriptions that describe the event in violent ways; this parable talks about Jesus’ return as being like a wedding.  The other ways of describing this event use fear to motivate people to get ready for the long- awaited day when Christ comes storming out-of-the-heavens.  The motivation used in this version is like the profound sense of anticipation and joy associated with a wedding feast .


November 19, 2017             Thanksgiving Sunday          24th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 5.1-6; Matthew 25.14-30

Sermon Title: “What’s Wrong with that Guy?”

Sermon Theme: This parable is about three men with different understandings about God: for the first two men, God is a generous Father who expects remarkable things and equips them with what they require to succeed. For the third man, God is a harsh judge ready to pounce on anyone who makes a mistake.  When you are dealing with God, the best strategy is to remain cautious.  Not surprisingly, the first two men are rewarded for their faithful deeds.  What do you think happened to the third guy?  


November 19, 2017 (6:30 pm)

Community Thanksgiving Service (formerly known as R.I.A.L.)

Note: This is the 51st Community Thanksgiving Service to take place in Huntingburg. 

Because of the number of people wanting to attend, for the second year it is taking place at the Huntingburg Event Center.  As it has been in the past, the service is comprised of Scripture Readings and musical performances by a range of local choirs.  I encourage you and however many other people you can fit in your car to come and join us.  800 people showed up last year, and we still had room left over.


November 26, 2017 Festival of Christ the King     

Scripture: Matthew 25.31-46

Sermon Title: “Is That Who I Think It Is?”

Sermon Theme:   The sermon deals with a hypothetical visit from Jesus during a large denominational meeting.  The story raises questions about how evaluation of a congregation’s ministry might look from Christ’s perspective.