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Monthly Worship Scriptures


JULY 2017

July 2, 2017   /   Holy Communion   /   4th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture:  2 Kings 4:8-11; Matthew 10:37-42

Sermon Title:  “Why We Need Prophets”

Sermon Theme:  Prophets sometimes turn up in the strangest places and at the strangest times.  Although I never met him, the stories people have shared with me about Clarence Trotter – a past Salem member who as joined the Church triumphant in heaven – have impressed me as accounts of a person who served his Lord as a prophet within the life of this church.  The sermon will explain how I came to such a conclusion.

Note:  Vacation Bible School Sunday.


July 9, 2017   /  5th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture:  Genesis 12:1-9; Genesis 25:19-28

Sermon Title:  “When Does a Blessing Seem Like a Curse?”

Sermon Theme:  This Sunday kicks off the summer sermon series on Joseph.  This week we will explore Joseph’s wildly dysfunctional family and God’s decision to entrust to their care a promise of incalculable worth.  The challenged faced by each subsequent generation was whether to trust God’s Promise or act in a way that dishonored his name. Even when they acted contrary to God’s wishes, God would act in a way that restored their damaged relationship.


July 16, 2017   /   6th Sunday after Pentecost

Rev. Chad Abbott, the recently elected Designated Conference Minister for the Indiana Kentucky Conference, will be our guest preacher today.


July 23, 2017    /   7th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture:  Genesis 37:1-8; 18-29; Psalm 73

Sermon Title:  “This Family Has Issues!”

Sermon Theme:  Envy is a sin which, if left unchecked, can cause a great deal of damage by motivating people to hurt one another or worse.  In his part of the Joseph story, ten of his siblings commit a crime in the hope of silencing their highly annoying brother.  Joseph's situation seems desperate.  Yet, God is working behind the scenes to teach the brothers a lesson and to bring about the day when they would accept Joseph as the head of their family. 

Note!  Read the entire chapter 37 for Jacob's response to what he is told was the death of his beloved son, Joseph.


July 30, 2017   /  8th Sunday after Pentecost

Scripture:  Genesis 39:1-23

Sermon Title:  “Joseph Steps Up"

Sermon Theme:  Joseph has become a slave in Egypt.  Potiphar is the name of his owner.  Our hero has a big problem: Potiphar's wife has the "hots" for Joseph and wants him to do what he is not supposed to do.  Joseph rejects her advances and winds up in jail as a result.  Even though he has had to pay a price for doing the right thing; his decision shows that he is taking seriously his responsibilities as a Steward of God's Promise.

Note!  Read the 38th chapter of Genesis and compare Joseph's behavior in chapter 39 with that of his brother, Judah.