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July 1, 2018  /  Holy Communion  
Scripture: Mark 5.21-43
Sermon Title: “He Touched Me”
Sermon Theme: Jesus delivered Jairus’ daughter from death;
and then made sure she had something to eat. In Holy Communion
Christ uses the bread and cup to remind us of what we share with 
the young girl: the promise of Eternal Life.

July 8, 2018  
Scripture: Ezekiel 2.2-5; Mark 6.1-6
Sermon Title: “They Just Don’t Get It.”
Sermon Theme: Jesus managed to offend the people in his hometown.
He continues to have a similar effect on some people up to the current
day. The problem then and the problem now is a weakened faith that 
handicaps a person’s ability to recognize Jesus as the Son of God.

July 15, 2018       
Scripture: Ephesians 1.3-10; Mark 5.6-13
Sermon Title: “You Are Going to Need This”
Sermon Theme: Jesus gave his disciples “authority over unclean spirits.”
This power comes to us as well and is necessary for our spiritual struggle
over the “unclean spirits” that attack us each day.

July 22, 2018    
Scripture: Jeremiah 23.1-6; Mark 6.30-34
Sermon Title: “Is There Anybody Behind Me?”
Sermon Theme: Successful leadership depends, in part, on having people
who are good followers.

July 29, 2018     “Camp Sunday”      
Scripture: Leviticus 23.39-44; Mark 9.2-8
Sermon Title: “The Gospel Unplugged”
Sermon Theme: Periodic retreats from the pressures of daily life is deeply 
rooted in Scripture.  Summer Church is part of this long-standing tradition.
Note: This Sunday we are setting the Lectionary aside.  The selected Readings
were chosen because of the special occasion.