Youth News (Jr/Sr High)


Greetings Youth Advocates!

On March 12, Board of Christian Education through the help of the Youth Ministry Taskforce will be holding a brunch after church to seek guidance from youth advocates in the congregation in planning a calendar for the year in regards to youth worship, fellowship, and education.  Congregation participation in the planning will be essential to the health of Salem’s youth ministry. The purpose of this process is to ensure that many members of the congregation have a voice in the youth ministry as well as become partners in this great discipleship.


Brunch Goal: The goal of the Board of Christian Education is to oversee the youth and young adult program along with recruit a large number of church members to participate in the ministry.

Salem Youth Mission: The purpose of the youth ministry program is to help youth develop their faith and love for the God and promote important factors to their faith building such as Bible study, worship, fellowship, and discipleship.

Salem Youth Vision: To support the mission by keeping  post-confirmation youth involved in the life of the congregation through high school along with preparing them for adult participation in a Christian faith community as well as encourage them to become active adult members of the congregation.


Brunch Objectives

  1. Work in small groups to

  1. Make a list of engaging activities that makes getting together with other Christian believers fun as to create a desire to fellowship with one another in a positive environment

  2. Make a list of hurdles to success and problem solve solutions

  3. Document present satisfactions and concerns

  4. List outreach possibilities for youth such as increasing the number of youth attendees

  1. Engage in Asset Management Process to determine service talents

  2. Form a large group of adult volunteers with responsibilities


Current practices

  1. Confirmation

  2. Wednesday Night Connection classes

  3. Sunday School

  4. Children’s Church

  5. Periodic fellowship opportunities

  6. Promotion of conference information, camps, and other youth opportunities

  7. Youth choir and Fishhook

  8. Service projects:  Angel Tree, Thanksgiving community meal, acolytes, nursery attendants, Brooklawn visits, conference attendance, camps, Vacation Bible school, Starry Night in Bethlehem,  mission trips, nursing home visits

In closing, we hope and pray that you will become an active part of the youth ministry so that the young people in the church feel loved and supported by a large number of church members and truly a part of a Christian family.


Possible volunteer needs

  1. Support 1 youth outing

  2. Sponsor a youth by sending bday cards, attending ballgames, etc.

  3. Host youth gathering in your home (pick 1 age group to keep small numbers)

  4. Have a youth picnic or yearly function

  5. Share a talent

  6. Be a guest speaker

  7. Take a WNC or Sunday School class on 1 occasion

  8. Lead a service project

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